A Cromulent Calendar of Conventions for the Comics Community

Thanks to the Boston Comics Roundtable and Ed Shems and Justin Perricone of Creative Relay for getting the ball rolling. Send updates to Franklin.

Ithacon Ithaca, NY expected early February 2013
Image Expo Oakland, CA expected late February 2013
Wizard World Toronto Toronto, ON expected mid-April 2013
MoCCA Fest New York, NY expected late April 2013
Toronto Comics Art Festival Toronto, ON expected early May 2013
Dallas ComicCon Dallas, TX expected mid-May 2013
MCBA SpringCon Saint Paul, MN expected mid-May 2013
Wizard World Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA expected early June 2013
East London Comics and Arts Festival London, U.K. expected mid-June 2013
Heroes Convention Charlotte, NC expected late June 2013
Florida Supercon Miami, FL expected late June 2013
Comic-Con International San Diego, CA expected mid-July 2013
Wizard World Chicago Chicago, IL expected early August 2013
Fan Expo Toronto, ON expected late August 2013
Baltimore Comic Con Baltimore, MD expected early September 2013
Small Press Expo Bethesda, MD expected mid-September 2013
Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo Cambridge, MA expected late September 2013
Wizard World Mid-Ohio Columbus, OH expected late September 2013
MCBA FallCon Saint Paul, MN expected mid-October 2013
Alternative Press Expo San Francisco, CA expected mid-October 2013
The Projects Portland, OR expected mid-October 2013
Paint and Pixel Northampton, MA expected mid-October 2013
Wizard World Austin Austin, TX expected late October 2013
Short Run Seattle, WA expected early November 2013
Coast City ComicCon Portland, ME expected early November 2013
Thought Bubble Festival Leeds, UK expected mid-November 2013
Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival Brooklyn, NY expected mid-November 2013
Wizard World New Orleans New Orleans, LA expected late November 2013
ARISIA Boston, MA expected mid-January 2014
Festival International de la Bande Dessinée Angoulême, FR expected late January 2014
Wizard World Portland Comicon Portland, OR expected late February 2014
London Super Comic Convention London, UK expected late February 2014
Emerald City Comicon Seattle, WA expected early March 2014
Staple Austin, TX expected early March 2014
MegaCon Orlando, FL expected mid-March 2014
WonderCon Anaheim, CA expected late March 2014
Asbury Park Comicon Asbury Park, NJ expected late March 2014
Steel City Con Monroeville, PA expected early April 2014
Fluke Athens, GA expected early April 2014
Planet Comicon Overland Park, KS expected early April 2014
Space Columbus, OH expected mid-April 2014
Boston Comic Con Boston, MA expected mid-April 2014
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Chicago, IL expected late April 2014
Stumptown Comics Fest Portland, OR expected late April 2014
Motor City Comic Con Novi, MI expected mid-May 2014
Maine Comics Arts Festival Portland, ME expected mid-May 2014
Latino Comics Expo San Francisco, CA expected early June 2014
Cake Chicago, IL expected mid-June 2014
Latino Comics Expo Long Beach, CA expected mid-August 2014
Pittsburgh Comicon Pittsburgh, PA expected late September 2014
Rhode Island Comic Con Providence, RI expected early November 2014
Mighty Con Dupage, IL expected mid-November 2014
Genghis Con Cleveland, OH expected late November 2014
Unplugged Expo: A Weekend of Awesome Toronto, OT expected late September 2015
Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap Portland, OR expected late October 2015